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Online Reputation Management
The Art of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management (ORM):

ORM involves monitoring, addressing, and mitigating online reviews, comments, and mentions to maintain a positive online reputation for a brand or individual.


☞ Monitoring: Monitor social media, review websites, and other online platforms for mentions of the brand or individual.

☞ Analysis: Assess the sentiment of mentions (positive, negative, or neutral) and identify common themes or issues.

☞ Response and Engagement: Respond to customer reviews and comments professionally and promptly. Engage with the audience to address concerns.

☞ Content Creation: Create positive and authentic content to counteract negative publicity and highlight brand strengths.

☞ Review Campaigns: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials to enhance the overall reputation.

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The Art of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Image by Adrian Infernus


Proactive ORM

Includes content creation, social media engagement, and review management to 
enhance the brand's image.


Reactive ORM

Mitigating damage by addressing issues, providing explanations, and seeking resolution.Responding to negative reviews, comments, or information as they appear.


Strategic ORM

Developing a long-term plan to proactively build and maintain a positive online
reputation.Utilizing various online channels and tactics to influence public perception.

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